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The Scope to Succeed

Our Partners

Edinburgh BioQuarter is backed by the City of Edinburgh Council, NHS Lothian, Scottish Enterprise and the University of Edinburgh; with each organisation bringing formidable experience and expertise in areas crucial to BioQuarter’s success and future development plans.

The City of Edinburgh Council

Edinburgh BioQuarter is critical to the Council’s plans for sustainable city growth and place-making.

It is essential that BioQuarter ties closely to the Council’s work in supporting local economic development and wellbeing.

As the life sciences sector, data-driven innovation and collaboration are at the heart of the Council’s economic strategy, BioQuarter is a unique driver within the city’s sector and investment strategies. The City of Edinburgh Council believes the project will:

  • Drive inclusive growth by maintaining the supply of high-quality jobs and direct job creation in the knowledge-based economy
  • Potentially attract significant inward investments and talents to the city
  • Strengthen the Edinburgh City brand as a place to grow businesses
  • Ensure that the opportunities presented by BioQuarter will generate and harness local community development
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NHS Lothian

With an annual budget of £1.6bn, NHS Lothian already has significant assets at Edinburgh BioQuarter and plans to expand its footprint.

Scotland’s ageing population requires well-planned NHS care. BioQuarter will play a strategic role in meeting this key objective for NHS Lothian. We are interested in working will all partners to develop big data opportunities. By enhancing collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, we can impact patient care and potentially increase research commercialisation and spin-out companies at BioQuarter. As a founding partner of Edinburgh BioQuarter, NHS Lothian will benefit from the partnership by:

  • Utilising innovation to improve the quality of healthcare delivery and drive down cost
  • Providing an on-site improved experience in the form of superior retail and leisure facilities, making it easier to recruit and retain staff
  • Providing an environment within which opportunities to collaborate can be enhanced and benefits maximised
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Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise is Scotland’s economic development agency.

Its vision for Edinburgh BioQuarter is for the site to become a ‘world-class biomedical facility for research and development’– a location contributing significantly to the local and national economy. Scottish Enterprise has provided the majority of funding and resource to BioQuarter’s infrastructure, including NINE – Life Sciences Innovation Centre. Scottish Enterprise believes a partnership with BioQuarter will:

  • Strengthen Scotland’s life sciences sector by 2025
  • Create a vibrant commercial life sciences community that attracts new and further inward investment from companies and investors
  • Leverage the existing and extensive investments in Edinburgh BioQuarter by private sector investments
  • Provide industry/commercial accommodation that collaborates with the partners’ activities
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The University of Edinburgh

A priority for the University of Edinburgh is the creation, at BioQuarter, of an ecosystem providing world-leading research, teaching, impact and innovation .

The University has already invested circa £80m at BioQuarter, and has imminent plans to expand its medical school. It is likely to invest a further £100m+ over the next 5-7 years to deliver on-site teaching and research facilities.

Greater capacity will encourage additional research opportunity and provision, leading to more life sciences innovation. By moving University functions from the centre of Edinburgh, the expectation is of a boost to creative thinking, an increase in opportunities for collaboration and a rise in commercial activity. Growing its current presence at BioQuarter, the University will:

  • Make the school a more attractive proposition for students and academics
  • Deliver additional space for the University in its city centre locations
  • Enhance Edinburgh BioQuarter by bringing University resources, experience and finance to undertake its own on-site developments and activities
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Partnership Governance

Bringing together executive management from across our four public partners, the Strategy Board agrees and enables BioQuarter’s vision. Comprised of senior individuals experienced in healthcare, life sciences, investment and other key sectors. The Advisory Board provides a range of complementary skills, expertise and advice to the Strategy Board. Both Boards boast significant strength across the private and public sectors.

Edinburgh BioQuarter Strategy Board

Paul Lawrence

Executive Director of Place

City of Edinburgh Council

Paul Lawrence joined the Council in 2015 and his responsibilities include Development and Investment, Environment, Culture, Housing, Planning, Regulatory Services and Transport.
Prior to this, he was the Corporate Director for Place at Stockport Council before being appointed as Head of Cultural and Economic Development at Newcastle City Council in 2000.
He later became Assistant Chief Executive with responsibility for Economic Development, City Region Partnerships and Corporate Communications.
Paul is Chair of the Edinburgh BioQuarter Strategy Board.

David Cooper

Commercial Development Manager

The City of Edinburgh Council

The City of Edinburgh Council and its executive committees are made up of elected members. The elected members make the key policy and strategy decisions. These policies decide how services are run. The plans are carried out by Council officers based within four directorates.
David Cooper works within the ‘Place’ directorate – the department’s responsibilities include planning and development, economic development and a variety of local, infrastructure and regulatory services.

Derek McCrindle

Director of Infrastructure

Scottish Enterprise

Derek McCrindle is a chartered surveyor with over 25 years’ property industry experience. Derek manages teams dealing with a range of property, infrastructure and transport projects throughout Scotland.
Within Scottish Enterprise, Derek is the Senior Responsible Owner for the Edinburgh BioQuarter project.

Iain Graham

Director of Capital Planning and Projects

NHS Lothian

Iain Graham is responsible for managing the project delivery of NHS Lothian’s strategic capital schemes and site master planning.
Current projects within Edinburgh BioQuarter include the new Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion Hospital.

Gary Jebb

Director of Place

The University of Edinburgh

Gary Jebb has considerable experience in estates project and facilities management, and is well known in the higher education sector.
He joined the University from Queen’s University Belfast, where he was Director for Estates for many years, and a Director of a number of University companies.
Prior to this, Gary worked in the private sector as a Chartered Surveyor.

Jim Crombie

Deputy Chief Executive

NHS Lothian

Jim Crombie joined NHS Lothian in December 2013 as Director of Scheduled Care. In 2015 he was appointed Chief Officer, Acute Hospital Services and was responsible for the management acute hospitals across Edinburgh and the Lothians.
In January 2017, Jim was appointed as Deputy Chief Executive, with a focus on improving patient outcomes, staff experience and sustainability.

Ashley Shannon

Director of Operations, Corporate Services Group

The University of Edinburgh

Ashley Shannon qualified as a Chartered Accountant in professional practice in 2002 and spent c.15 years working in Financial Services, specialising in large scale mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring and management of strategic projects.
In early 2018, Ashley moved to a new leadership role with the University of Edinburgh to further the delivery of strategic priorities and operational leadership across the University.

Tracey Gillies

Medical Director

NHS Lothian

Tracey Gillies is a general surgeon and spent a significant part of her career at NHS Lothian, before joining NHS Forth Valley in 2014.
In 2017, Tracey took up the role of Medical Director, responsible for providing professional advice to NHS Lothian board and leadership to medical professionals, pharmacists, healthcare scientists and occupational health and safety staff across the Lothians.
Tracey will also be the Lead Director for medical workforce planning and the education and training of doctors to secure high quality teaching and training in partnership with the University of Edinburgh Medical School and NHS Education Scotland.

Derek Shaw

Commercial Director

Scottish Enterprise

Derek Shaw leads the team that delivers key strategic programmes and projects aligned with those economic opportunity areas where Scotland has a leading international competitive advantage in areas around the Digital Economy, Health & Wealth, Low Carbon & High Value Manufacturing.
As Commercial Director, Derek is responsible for fostering a commercial approach to Scottish Enterprise’s operations, including maximising opportunities to leverage external public and private sector investment to support the delivery of those opportunity areas.

Peter Watton

Service Director, Sustainable Development

City of Edinburgh Council

Peter Watton is a Chartered Surveyor by profession. He and is now in his 33rd year of public service with responsibility for all commercial development, regeneration, construction, strategic asset management and planning for the City of Edinburgh Council.
Having worked in development and regeneration delivery in Edinburgh for over 20 years, Peter brings a wealth of experience to the Board.

Anne-Marie Coriat

College Registrar, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

The University of Edinburgh

Dr Anne-Marie Coriat has over 20 years’ experience working across research funders in strategic planning, policy, operational delivery and funding.
Prior to joining University of Edinburgh as College Registrar, Anne-Marie was Head of UK/EU Research Landscape at Wellcome and previously Director for Capacity, Skills and Infrastructure at the UK Medical Research Council and Chair of the Research Councils UK, Research Group.