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Inspiring Future Generations

STEM Education

We are passionate about helping our local young people receive a world-class STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education.

We believe it is important that our local young people benefit from our location and the world-leading science and research taking place across Edinburgh BioQuarter.

Our aim is to inspire and assist young people and their families to engage with STEM and provide access to a first-rate science education, encouraging not only future careers in STEM but a life-long confidence and interest.

Our STEM Activities


This highly successful mentoring programme for high school senior science students is a partnership between Edinburgh BioQuarter and neighbouring Castlebrae Community High School.

New for 2022/3 we will host some mentoring sessions at the new Campus in amazing learning spaces.

Young scientists based on Edinburgh BioQuarter provide mentoring and tutoring support to senior pupils studying science subjects.

Science Buddies

We are always looking for ways to nurture longer term relationships between our scientists and young people, especially now in-person after the pandemic.

Science Buddies are young scientists paired with local primary schools to connect closely with them over the year. The children, teachers and scientists’ work together to make a plan which could involve STEM clubs, supporting a science week, taking over science class – being their science best friend!

Curriculum-linked units

With a wealth of opportunities for enriching the young people’s education, we are collaborating with our local schools to create annual modules of work, embedded within the curriculum.

We have developed a cross-curricula module of work Zoom in on Zebrafish that sees local S1 pupils build their own smartphone microscopes which they use to explore zebrafish.

Summer Internship

In June 2016, following a visit from our neighbouring high school to the Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CRM), pupil Kelsey Wallace plucked up the courage to ask if there were any work opportunities over the summer.

This led to the establishment of an annual CRM Summer Internship – a four week long paid internship, offered each year to a 16+ pupil from Castlebrae Community High School motivated by science.

Student-led Workshops

Our connections with neighbouring communities offer a richly rewarding learning experience for students at The University of Edinburgh.

We offer opportunities for postgraduate students studying science communication and undergraduate biology students to design science workshops in partnership with one of our local schools.

Previous Activities


We have a long history of working collaboratively with neighbouring primary schools, providing STEM Clubs. By involving STEM professionals and students, we aim to open children’s eyes to STEM related careers, building confidence and interest.



Held in partnership with The Community Alliance Trust at The White House Kitchen Community Cafe, young people in the community demonstrated science to Festival-goers alongside scientists from Edinburgh BioQuarter.


Engaging with teachers

Our STEM activities are all developed alongside our teachers and education professionals in neighbouring communities. This engagement allows us to create and deliver activities that complement and enhance science teaching within schools.

We also provide CPD training and resources for teachers, ensuring that they too can benefit from the world-leading science taking place at Edinburgh BioQuarter.