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Creating an Environment for Success

What's at BioQuarter

Science flourishes at BioQuarter, a 160-acre site of life sciences space. You will discover a prestigious teaching hospital, a world-renowned school of medicine and a host of ambitious life sciences companies.

BioQuarter is home to 8,000 people who work and study within its boundary, with 70% collaborating together on healthcare projects.

With over £200m of developments under construction, organisations at Edinburgh BioQuarter can gain access to new ideas and breakthrough discoveries, driven by innovation and regular contact with world-leading academics, businesses and clinicians. The future of healthcare is here.

What’s at BioQuarter

Projects Under Construction

Fair Field Walk

A new pedestrian link between the north and south of Edinburgh BioQuarter will provide enhanced access across the entire site. The walkway, funded by NHS Lothian, Scottish Enterprise and the University of Edinburgh will support a network of paths and cycle routes, delivering improved connections between researchers, clinicians, healthcare staff, commercial companies, patients and visitors.

The name of the walkway is in commemoration of the Edinburgh Seven, the first group of matriculated undergraduate female students at any British university, who helped change education forever and eventually allowed women to qualify as doctors in Britain.

Sophia Jex-Blake led the Edinburgh Seven and in her essay ‘Medicine as a Profession for Women’, published in 1869, she argued that the only way to determine whether women had the same intellectual ability as men was through ‘a fair field and no favour’ – to ensure that women and men were taught the same, tested the same and if successful, awarded the same degrees as each other.