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April 2023 BioQuarter Bulletin


Find out more about our place, our people. From the latest developments and opportunities, community activities, research breakthroughs, company and individual achievements, new facilities and innovations to upcoming events in this April 2023 issue of BioQuarter Bulletin, our regular round up of news from across Edinburgh BioQuarter.


Featured highlights:

  • Foreword from Susan Bodie, Head of Business Development for the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at Edinburgh Innovations, introducing the upcoming ‘Bench to Bedside’ campaign from April 17th, which will feature unique research skills and cutting-edge facilities that offer opportunities for the development of new therapies and technologies in inflammation
  • RoslinCT showcase cell and gene therapy innovation and manufacturing facilities
  • Companies at BioQuarter, features dental imaging technology company Calcivis targeting US expansion after securing FDA PMA approval
  • Industry report outlining the impact of the pharmaceutical on the Scottish economy and areas that need to be explored
  • Our Place, Our People with recognition of recent individual achievements and developments on BioQuarter
  • Neighbouring community engagement and activities
  • Facilities on BioQuarter – new nooks
  • Data and Innovation on BioQuarter highlights 60 years of AI
  • A Research Roundup
  • Industry Events
  • Wee Green Van Wednesdays – see what’s on the menu for a mid-week treat


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