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BSLM 2021 Annual Conference: September 2nd – 4th 2021

BSLM 2021 Annual Conference


This year’s British Society of Lifestyle Medicine conference will take place in Scotland at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre from September 2nd – 4th.

Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has never been a greater need for lifestyle medicine. People with chronic health conditions have been at much greater risk from the virus, and lifestyle medicine offers hope that we can build resilience in our populations against this and future communicative disease threats.

The event brings together leading figures from the global lifestyle medicine community, including experts from healthcare and medicine, academia, public health and scientific research.

The collective goal is to transform healthcare, exploring new approaches to the prevention, treatment, management and reversal of chronic disease.

Tickets are available for attendance in person and the conference will also be ‘live streaming’ content for those unable to attend in Edinburgh.

BSLM is also hosting dinner and entertainment on Friday, September 3rd, at the National Museum of Scotland at an additional tickets cost.

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