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What Superlab means to our community

Castlebrae Superlab is a hub for science, innovation and community discovery in the heart of Craigmillar and Niddrie.

Hear from Dr Cathy Southworth, Community Science Engagement Manager for Edinburgh BioQuarter, Dr Matt Hughes, Curriculum Lead of STEM for Castlebrae Community Campus, and members of our community as they explain what the Superlab means to them.

Castlebrae Superlab

Bringing science to life

Castlebrae Superlab is a unique partnership between Castlebrae Community Campus and Edinburgh BioQuarter.

Together we are passionate about creating transformational learning experiences for young people that brings science to life and further develops an interest and skills in science.


We have a long and flourishing partnership with Castlebrae High School, including mentoring, internships, and unique engagement projects.

In April 2022 the brand-new Castlebrae Community Campus opened, giving rise to the Castlebrae Superlab, a state-of-the-art 60-person capacity lab.

During school hours, the space is used as a classroom. Outwith school hours, we are transforming the Superlab into a hub for STEM engagement for the whole community.

With thanks to funding for its development from The Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Fund and The BioQuarter Partnership.

Castlebrae Community Campus

Get Involved

Castlebrae Superlab has various ongoing projects and events throughout the year; from our mentoring programme to STEM workshops with the community.

If would like to get involved, then please get in touch!

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