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Diagnosing with Data – Edinburgh Science Festival Event

Diagnosing with Data

8:00 pm

Quaker Studio, Pleasance

Every time you visit the doctor or a hospital you generate medical data about you, your health, your treatment and the outcome. What happens to this data, who can access it and who does it benefit? At Edinburgh BioQuarter, a leading health and science campus which focuses on translational medical research, ‘big data’ is essential in exploring modern health care.

Join chair Prof Polly Arnold to discuss digital healthcare data and its future with University of Edinburgh Chair of Cardiology and Consultant Cardiologist Prof. Nicholas MillsDr. Sarah Chan, University of Edinburgh, expert in the ethics of medical research and Dr. Angus Ferguson, University of Glasgow, Public Benefit and Privacy Panel for Health and Social Care representative.

£8.50/£6.50/#SCIFIVE £5
Age: Ages 14+
Activity Type:Discussion
Time: 8pm | 90 mins

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