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Doing Data Together: Ethical collaboration through Covid-19 and beyond – 6 November 10.00am-4.30pm

The University of Edinburgh’s Data-Driven Innovation initiative is a key deliverable of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal, and comprises a network of innovation hubs that bring researchers together with businesses, charities, and the public sector, at the crossroads of data science, research, and real-world challenges – where exciting innovations can take place.

Data-Driven Innovation Conference 2020 (with The Scotsman)

10:00 am

Virtual Event

Doing Data Together: Ethical collaboration through Covid-19 and beyond

Covid-19 is the first pandemic to be tackled by a truly data-driven approach, with real-time information at the heart of life-or-death decisions throughout the crisis.

How did Government, health services and other public bodies collaborate – often at great speed – to inform those decisions? What lessons have we learned to help us emerge from the pandemic and ensure we share and analyse data more effectively in future?

More broadly, how is data being harnessed in Edinburgh to tackle huge challenges like global financial inclusion and a creaking elderly care system? Why is collaboration across the public and private sectors so important – and why must a strong ethical framework support everything we do with data?

Join a range of experts to discuss the enormous challenges – and real opportunities – in our increasingly data-rich world.


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