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Edinburgh Imaging Scan Animation


A new public engagement animation video created by an Edinburgh Imaging Research Radiographer that explains to patients and participants the process of having a brain scan at their facilities on Edinburgh BioQuarter.

By donating your brain scan you are contributing to the future of research in healthcare.

Isla Mitchell, Research Radiographer at the Edinburgh Imaging Facility within the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, secured funding from the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund in March 2021, to develop public engagement ideas in relation to the brain imaging databases.

The grant aimed to fund a more creative way of delivering information to patients who attend the imaging research facilities.

Since receiving the funding, Isla has set up a study team, and created an animation video to explain to patients and participants what happens when they have a brain scan at our facilities, and what happens if they choose to donate their brain scan to research.

Watch animation video

Edinburgh Imaging encourage patients and participants to donate their brain scans to research.

The image databank where your brain scan is stored securely provides researchers with a large pool of images and data to analyse. Many research teams can apply for access to the databank to test hypotheses, tools and programmes without the need to recruit and image for each study individually.

From time to time the University will create a link between the databank and the NHS’s clinical systems. This is performed by NHS Scotland’s Information Services Division (ISD), and includes transfer of GP/clinic/hospital visits, referrals and test results. The linked data can then also be analysed, giving an insight into a patient’s health following their brain scan.

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