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Fios Genomics

Specialists in bioinformatics data analysis, Fios Genomics works with global pharmaceutical companies, contract research organisations and academic institutions from its BioQuarter base.

Analysing and interpreting complex data, Fios’ highly skilled team saves a range of international clients valuable analysis time. Rather than providing only statistics, the company delivers actionable, meaningful information. Marketing Manager Claudine Gabriele talks about Fios’ offerings and its BioQuarter location

“Everyone knows about big data and the vast amount of information that is potentially out there.” says Claudine Gabriele, “At Fios, our focus is on providing the key information that can be derived from this data. Our clients are drawn from a number of sectors including pharma, biotech and academia. Uniting these specialists are important questions around, for example, drug performance and which patients to include in trials. Our expertise is in helping answer these critical queries, and in simplifying complex projects by analysing and integrating research data.”

One example of the value Fios delivers to clients is seen in work undertaken for BioQuarter-based medical research charity LifeArc. This saw Fios scrutinising and assessing databases – activity which helped LifeArc’s specialists identify drug efficacy in selected disease areas.

An eclectic offering

Fios’ data analysis services – provided by its own proprietary solutions – reduces cost and saves time. The company, however, is able to offer expertise in other areas too, as Claudine explains, “In drug discovery and development, for example, we can assist across vital areas including experimental design, choice of data platform and sample preparation. This is essential to ensure that our clients are investing in the right direction and that they are getting the most out of their research”.

Of particular importance to Fios is first-rate customer service. One way the company assures this is by delivering detailed and interactive reports to clients.

“Our final reports present all of the methods and quality controls used across each project.” says Claudine, “All of the results are there for our clients to navigate and explore. We are very proud of our unique reporting systems and our clients have praised our attention-to-detail and the depth of information we provide as standard.”

Collaboration counts

Another priority is forging long-term relationships. “We are keen on nurturing ongoing interactions,” says Claudine, “we don’t just deliver results and leave clients figuring out what to do next. Questions can arise from our reports and we are on-hand to answer these. It’s a collaboration. Customer excellence and customer service is essential when working with big data. Providing that additional review call, that additional meeting, is vital.”

Of the company’s BioQuarter location, Claudine recognises it as a place where interaction will only grow. “There is huge potential here to build a hub for the kind of networking and collaboration that life sciences thrive on. A strong community will help establish relationships and allow everyone to make the most of the site.”

“Our expertise is in helping answer critical questions – in simplifying complex projects by analysing and integrating data.”


Rather than providing lists of genes and more data, Fios Genomics provides information with data-driven and actionable conclusions.


Beyond data analysis, Fios is able to support clients in crucial areas including experimental design and platform selection.


The company’s thorough, integrated reports assist in building long-term customer relationships.