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Research Insights | Brain Scanning: a lifetime in an image. Wed 2nd March, 16:30-17:15hrs

Research Insights Brain Scanning: a lifetime in an image

4:30 pm

Online event

How do you build 3D pictures of the most inaccessible of organs – the brain?

When you hear the word nuclear what do you think of? For Dr Adriana Tavares it’s changing perceptions.

Adriana uses an imaging technique called PET to look at brain cell activity and function to learn more about how healthy brains work and what goes wrong when a person has a neurological condition. She develops radioactive molecules that allow her to trace which parts of the brain are most active and when.

Research has shown that our brains change throughout our lives. What Adriana is learning has the potential to influence how brain conditions are treated and understood in the future depending on what PET images show. Join us to hear more about Adriana’s nuclear medicine research.

Dr Adriana Tavares is an imaging scientist who leads work at the University of Edinburgh, Centre for Cardiovascular Science, Queen’s Medical Research Institute on Edinburgh BioQuarter.