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Supporting and inspiring young scientists


This highly successful mentoring programme for high school senior science students is a partnership between Edinburgh BioQuarter and neighbouring Castlebrae Community High School.

New for 2022/3, we will host some mentoring sessions at the new Castlebrae Community Campus in the amazing learning spaces.

Young scientists based on Edinburgh BioQuarter provide mentoring and tutoring support to senior pupils studying science subjects.


The mentoring programme was established in 2015 by the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CRM), a world-leading medical research centre located on BioQuarter.

The programme was the brainchild of a former postdoctoral researcher at the Centre, Sabine Gogolok, who wanted to develop further links with the local high school and support their pupils in the study of science.

Over the years, the scheme has expanded beyond CRM and now involves scientists and medical professionals from across BioQuarter.

Find out more about the origins of the programme

Mutual Benefit

Initially established to guide young people through their exam period, the scheme’s success has come from the positive force the mentors provide in the pupils’ lives, whilst the mentors themselves report a strong sense of satisfaction in supporting the young people.

It has made me more confident interacting with teenagers and identifying ways in which to explain topics in a way that works for them to understand… Overall it was a great experience.” (Mentor)

I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for making me get more interested in Biology.” (Mentee)

The Programme

What’s involved

The aim of the mentoring programme is to offer insight into what real science looks like and help local school pupils with their studies.

The mentors provide support through:

  • supported study
  • help with coursework and exam questions
  • advice on how to do practical work
  • boosting the students confidence in science and their science capital
  • teaching positive learning skill

The programme involves weekly 60 minute sessions, alternating between the school and Edinburgh BioQuarter (with the lure of pizza).

The sessions run in small groups of mentors and mentees and are supervised by a teacher from the school.

Get involved

Are you a young scientist based on Edinburgh BioQuarter? Could you spare one hour a week during term time to inspire and support local school pupils in their study of science?

We are recruiting for volunteers to support the mentoring programme for the academic year 2022/23. Information and training sessions will be scheduled.

Applications closed on Tuesday 25th October and these are currently being assessed.


If you would like to discuss ways you may be able to support the Edinburgh BioQuarter Community Engagement Project, please contact community@edinburghbioquarter.com.