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Scotland is Now: Race to Zero – 9-10 March 2021

Scotland is Now: Race to Zero

11:00 am

Online Event

The two-day programme will feature discussion on what the green investment opportunities are across Scotland and what the life sciences sector, the residential sector and Scotland’s key cities are delivering, to ensure they help reach the ambitious net zero targets set, whilst offering competitive investment opportunities to the real estate and investment market.

Alongside keynote addresses from politicians and major investors, speakers from the public and private sector from across the industry will discuss the opportunities created by Scotland’s net carbon zero ambitions.

Join the thought provoking and leading sessions to learn more about the opportunities Scotland has to offer across the country and how you can get involved.


Session: 10 March 2021, 12:00 – 13:00

Scotland’s Life Sciences market is in the spotlight. Investors have pumped £600m into the sector over the past three years and the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine has driven the market still further.

An expert panel, including Anna Stamp, Interim Programme Director, Edinburgh BioQuarter, will discuss the qualities that have made Scotland attractive for the life sciences sector, the opportunities available to expand the sector and how innovation district plans will support that growth. What must Scotland deliver to ensure the sector’s continued success in attracting and retaining top talent and providing the specialised space required?

JOIN THIS SESSION to hear about Scotland’s success and the still untapped potential for this market.


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