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Wayfinding and Signage at BioQuarter

Guiding the way to BioQuarter

A major signage and wayfinding project, being jointly delivered by Edinburgh BioQuarter’s four public sector partners, is underway. The City of Edinburgh Council, NHS Lothian, Scottish Enterprise and the University of Edinburgh have come together to address the varying needs of people accessing the 100 acre site by vehicle, public transport, cycle and on foot.

Over 90 new signs will span the entire site, with three eight-metre-high signposts situated along the A7 Old Dalkeith Road marking out the main entrances and exits. Car parks are being renamed and numbered, linked to these three gates. Further detailed orientation boards, street signs and building signage will also be installed as part of this exciting project.


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About the signage project

Arrival and Gates

New site entrance identities have been established to support access to Edinburgh BioQuarter.

The three entrances to BioQuarter from Old Dalkeith Road (junctions at Little France Crescent, Little France Drive, Little France Road) will be signposted with large totem signage and each identified by a ‘gate’ number.

The totem signage identifies the Gate number allowing clear directions to be given. Additionally, the signage identifies the key destination reached by entrances to BioQuarter at each Gate. Directions to any location should be given by the appropriate Gate Entrance, the signage strategy provides wayfinding on this basis.

View our entrance identifier


Updated mapping has been produced for the Edinburgh BioQuarter site and can be downloaded here. These maps reflect consistent and up-to-date information about the entire campus.

Artwork is available in an editable format from the BioQuarter website for use in documents, web pages, pre-appointment information etc.


Car Park Numbering

As part of the project car parks are being renamed and renumbered.

Car parks are named with a number linked to the gate used on approach and a letter, allocated sequentially, i.e. Car Park 2B is the second car park reached when entering by Gate 2.


Using our Logos

Our Brand Book gathers our Vision, Mission and story together. It specifies how we speak and write about BioQuarter, and how we use typography, photography and logos.

Please ensure you are using up-to-date and official BioQuarter logos by downloading them. For guidance on logo usage, please consult the BioQuarter Brand Book.


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