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The Scotsman Life Sciences Conference: Realising the Covid Legacy – Thursday 2nd Dec, 9.30am-4.30pm

The Scotsman Conference 2021 - Annual Life Sciences Conference: Realising the covid legacy

9:30 am

Virtual Conference

The acceleration of science over the last 18 months has been like nothing we have seen in our lifetime. Real-time data sharing amongst industry, academics, government and regulatory agencies and a whole new level of collaboration between these groups created a dramatically new pace of therapeutic development.

Digital solutions enabled early diagnostics, the creation of new healthcare pathways and the delivery of ongoing healthcare outside of the hospital environment. Advanced manufacturing capabilities were rapidly connected to create a supply chain that delivered the potential of innovation within months.

  • Will Covid19 turn out to be the mother of long lasting Innovation?
  • Can these achievements be translated into processes and infrastructure for the future of healthcare?
  • Can we continue the partnership across Industry, Academia and Government to get on the front foot for the next healthcare and societal challenges?
  • Can we realise the untapped power of Scottish healthcare data and the potential of digital technologies for the benefit of the people and the planet?
  • What skills do we need to be investing in now to realise this potential?

Leaders land businesses will share and analyse their insights and experience with colleagues from academia and government.  Case examples, advice and innovation mechanisms that have been inspired by the last 18 months will be presented so they can be applied to future challenges.

Innovation in Scotland is world class – but it’s also Connected. It’s this power of proximity combined with a unique, inclusive appetite for collaboration that accelerates science and innovation. It’s this connection between people that will ‘Realise the Covid Legacy’.

This full day virtual conference is free to join. View speaker line up and programme details.