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Webinar: Winning Cities: Innovation Districts as Drivers of Growth – 5 June 9am-10am

Winning Cities: Innovation Districts as Drivers of Growth

9:00 am

9 Little France Rd, Edinburgh EH16 4UX, UK

Human capital is now the key to creating winning cities. What role do innovation districts play in attracting, nurturing and retaining talent? How you build the innovation ecosystem needed to create a sustainable, long-term investment?

As projects of national strategic importance for Scotland, Edinburgh BioQuarter and the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS) have a combined GDV exceeding £800M. Both projects will outline their ambitions, delivery plans and intention to seek JV development partners.

Richard Betts, Co-Founder, Real Asset Media

Kat Feldinger, Head of Capital Investment, Scottish Government
Anna Stamp, Interim Project Director, Edinburgh BioQuarter
Alasdair Morrison, Head of Regeneration, Renfrewshire Council (AMIDS)

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