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Your Care, Your Future: A Creative Exploration Workshop: Thursday 23rd March, 10.30am – 12noon

Your Care, Your Future: A Creative Exploration Workshop

10:30 am

The Bayes Centre, The University of Edinburgh, 47 Potterrow, Edinburgh EH8 9BT

Get hands-on with the future of AI technology for healthcare in this creative exploration workshop.

Imagine, speculate and explore future technologies which could become the healthcare solutions of the future in this creative hands-on workshop in partnership with the Scottish AI Summit.

We are living longer, which presents challenges for healthcare. Chat with researchers about current person-centred, innovative healthcare research by University of Edinburgh’s Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC) and imagine how AI technology can improve your future care by getting hands on with our interactive materials.

There will be a focus  on areas such as care in the community and at home to speculate on how AI technologies could be developed to support ageing populations.

Attendees are invited to get creative, share their perspective and bring these ideas to life by creating a visionary magazine of the future together.

The trends and themes emerging from this workshop will form part of the focus for a panel discussion “Your Care, Your Future: The Role & Perception of AI in Healthcare” on Day 2 of the Scottish AI Summit (28th & 29th March at Technology & Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde).

This workshop is designed to share research with members of the public. If you are a researcher working on an associated discipline or within academia please check the ACRC website  for academic knowledge exchange events.