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A Gateway to Health and Science

Community Vision

Local community connections are important to organisations and individuals at BioQuarter. Links with communities are already flourishing across campus. Our goal is to build on these, and provide a welcoming place where people from local neighbourhoods and beyond can walk, shop, relax and influence projects that are revolutionising local and global health and wellbeing.

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Community Engagement Programmes


This highly successful mentoring programme for science students at Castlebrae High School is a partnership between Edinburgh BioQuarter and our neighbouring high school.

Young scientists based on BioQuarter provide mentoring and tutoring support to senior pupils studying science subjects through:

  • supported study
  • help with coursework and exam questions
  • advice on how to do practical work
  • boosting the students confidence in science and their science capital
  • teaching positive learning skills



STEM Clubs

To stay connected and fulfil our aim of supporting a world-class science education for our local young people, Edinburgh BioQuarter is teaming up with the University of Edinburgh King’s Buildings campus to provide online STEM clubs to children at local primary schools.

Recruitment for STEM Club to support the Autumn 2020 programme has now closed. We may look to deliver an additional series of weekly sessions in the New Year (Spring 2021).

Interdisciplinary Community-Based Research Summer Projects 2018

Students from across the University of Edinburgh are taking part in two innovative research projects, with research questions posed by local communities.
For students, critical-thinking skills will be used to analyse complex societal issues. For the communities, solutions for real-world problems will emerge. Both projects are taking place at QMRI, Edinburgh BioQuarter.

  • Research questions are directed by the Breathtakers and Cheyne Gang local patient support groups
  • Working with community partners, students learn skills including perspective-taking, negotiation and participatory action research
  • Both projects will be partnered by the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Community Science

The Centre for Regenerative Medicine at Edinburgh BioQuarter is co-creating activities to connect the local community with the world-class science park and University of Edinburgh.

  • Activities range from mentoring, internships, and workshops for the local school cluster to the Craigmillar Science Festival, which the Centre initiated in 2017
  • The programme has inspired both the community and the team at CRM, demonstrating the activities’ two-way benefits