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29 Feb 2024

Phenotyping endometriosis: How Big Data can close the knowledge gap

08 Jan 2024

Severe mental illness and physical disease: Thursday 29th February 2024, 10am – 1pm

25 Oct 2023

Bridging the Gap: Integrating Practice-Based Knowledge and Research: Thursday 25th January 2024, 1pm-2pm

15 Oct 2023

Usher Institute Inaugural Lecture Showcase: Monday 13th November 2023, 5pm to 7.30pm

07 Oct 2023

Preventing Invasive Salmonella Disease in Africa: Wednesday 1st November 2023, 12pm to 1.30pm

17 Sep 2023

Women in Healthcare Data Science: Wednesday 11th October 2023, 4pm to 6pm

14 Sep 2023

Global surge in cancer cases among under-50s

17 Aug 2023

HDR UK announces five strategic research driver programmes

20 Jun 2023

Usher Annual Lecture and Showcase 2023: Thursday 21st September, 11am – 4pm

17 May 2023

Team kidney: Working towards better treatments for kidney disease. Tuesday 20th June, 5pm – 6pm