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Our Story

Our Mission

Discovering new ways of changing people’s lives

To embrace and contribute to the next innovations in healthcare practice; to translate groundbreaking research and discoveries into new treatments and cures that will change people’s lives.

Committing to collaboration, engagement and enterprise, our cluster of global life sciences companies – connecting with our formidable expertise in education, healthcare and research – will grow in scale and strength.

As a place where industry meets first-rate academics, clinical practitioners and medical innovators we will continue attracting eager investors and tenants.

And by utilising data-driven innovation and strategic commercialisation activities, BioQuarter will deliver significant social, cultural and economic benefits to Edinburgh, Scotland and the UK, and life-enhancing health advances to the world.

The Future

Leading the way with innovation and entrepreneurship

At the heart of BioQuarter’s objectives sit the innovation and entrepreneurship underpinning jobs creation and economic growth.

Edinburgh BioQuarter is undergoing a transformation. Our vision is to rapidly grow the site into a vibrant mixed use neighbourhood of Edinburgh, centred around a world-leading community of healthcare innovators.

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Invested in
new facilities,
with future plans
for a further £800m

World-leading Scientific Research

BioQuarter’s significant experimental and translational research capabilities are strengthened by the co-location of bench and clinical settings in specific research areas.

With major investment in technologies including imaging, molecular pathology and bioinformatics, capabilities extend from very early bench research to clinical interface (trials, health informatics), all connecting with Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh patients.

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Europe's Largest
concentration of stem cell
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At the heart of Scotland’s Life Sciences

Scotland’s thriving life sciences sector employs over 37,000 people, across 800 organisations. One of Europe’s most accessible, connected and collaborative clusters, it is well placed to capitalise on emerging digital health opportunities including data analysis and mobile health.

Scotland’s key strengths reside in pharma services, regenerative medicine, translational and precision medicine, medical technologies and animal health.

Scotland’s advantages include:

  • Vibrant, diverse and growing company base
  • Access to world-leading research
  • Proven track record of invention and medical advances
  • Strong evolving investment environment
  • Innovation-ready unified health service
  • Skilled dynamic workforce
  • Networks, connections and business environment
  • Premier manufacturing location
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employing 37,000

in scotland's
life science

Revolutionising Healthcare

At Edinburgh BioQuarter we translate groundbreaking research and discoveries into life-changing new treatments and cures.

Our partnership with NHS Lothian is vital, as is the co-location of the Usher Institute for Population Health Sciences, HDR UK, ADRC and IHDP.

Together, these bodies deliver informatics expertise, programmes and clinical research capabilities.

To read more, download the 2025 Life Sciences Strategy for Scotland.

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and over 300 clinical-

at bioquarter

Community and Economic Development

Home to a vibrant community of experts working in clinical, academic and commercial settings.

BioQuarter will continue to grow, bringing additional research institutes, more hospitals, leisure facilities and jobs.

Links with communities are already flourishing and our goal is to build on these, and provide a welcoming place where people from local neighbourhoods connect with the campus.

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through the
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